Suwerenność narodowa a Unia Europejska.


  • Antoni Mironowicz

Słowa kluczowe:

suwerenność, naród, wolność, Unia Europejska


Sovereignty is a fundamental attribute of the state. Sovereignty is when the authority is independent and does not depend on any other authority in international relations. The state is equal to other subjects of international law. The sovereignty of the state is directly related to international interdependence. The condition for use by state sovereignty is the ability to develop and implement its own strategy. In this regard, the ruling class must have a realistic concept of strategic objectives. The elites must have knowledge of how to achieve them and dispose of the material and organizational resources, necessary for their implementation.




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Mironowicz, A. (2014). Suwerenność narodowa a Unia Europejska. Elpis, (14), 97–103. Pobrano z




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