Rosyjski ruch odnowicielski w 1917 roku


  • Kamila Pawełczyk-Dura

Słowa kluczowe:

Ruch odnowicielski, 1917 rok, przewrót bolszewicki, Sobór Lokalny 1917-1918


The fall of tsarist autocracy in 1917 opened up the possibility of revival of the Orthodox Church. Political and social
movement revived activities renovationists, closely observing the prevailing mood among believers. They excepted deep
reforms in Church organizations and rituals and postulate require activating the clergy. However, All Russian Sobor of
1917-1918 rejected the reneval project based on the idea of creating independent administrative Orthodox community,
connected reformed faith and ritual. Consciousness of organizational and ideological confusion motivate renovationists
to turn to the most important factor influencing the social and political life. It happened only until 1922. „Living Church”
has become a weapon in the fight the communist regime against in the Orthodox Church.




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Pawełczyk-Dura, K. (2014). Rosyjski ruch odnowicielski w 1917 roku. Elpis, (15), 207–214. Pobrano z