"Współczesna" antropologia chrześcijańska.


  • Biskup Jerzy Pańkowski

Słowa kluczowe:

człowiek, antropologia, grzech, soteriologia, eschatologia, moralność, duchowość, niemoc


Christian anthropology, corresponding to the dignity of man, tries to respond to the challenges that contemporary world asks to the modern world. That world often demands redefinition of the man in the name of justification of his weaknesses. In the center of Christian anthropology is the teaching of human salvation. However, it requires a good knowledge of the nature of his illness and decline. Sin turns out not to be an ethical and moral phenomenon, but more the metaphysic and spiritual. Christian anthropology is realized in the man’s knowledge by himself strengthen by the Grace of the Holy Spirit.




Jak cytować

Pańkowski, B. J. (2014). "Współczesna" antropologia chrześcijańska. Elpis, (14), 117–132. Pobrano z https://elpis.uwb.edu.pl/index.php/Elpis/article/view/87




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