Eklezjologia Aleksego Chomiakowa

  • ks. Henryk Paprocki
Słowa kluczowe: Kościół, teologia, katechizm, patrystyka


Alexei Khomiakov (1804–1860), poet, playwright, publicist, philosopher, inventor and a cavalry officer, played a decisive role in the development of European theology, overcoming scholastic categories. A special contribution in this process had his work „The Church is one” that – with its catechist character – departs from the understanding of the Church as an institution. It was written during the peak development of scholasticism in Russia and marked the end of that method. It also influenced significantly the development of theology of other Christian Churches. The Article is accompanied by a translation of Khomiakov’s work „The Church is one”.
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Paprocki, ks. H. (2014). Eklezjologia Aleksego Chomiakowa. Elpis, (12), 291-303. Pobrano z https://elpis.uwb.edu.pl/index.php/Elpis/article/view/57