Współczesny stan badań nad prawosławną hagiologią


  • Jarosław Charkiewicz Warszawska Metropolia Prawosławna

Słowa kluczowe:

hagiologia, hagiografia, świętość, święci


Hagiology is relatively young branch of theology. It deals with issues related to the study of holiness from theological
The modern state of research on Orthodox hagiology in Poland is not advanced. The study on holiness in our country
essentially boils down to the issues connected to the lives of saints. Therefore it is usually limited to the hagiography
and is conducted more from literately than theological perspective. A bit more advanced study in the field of Orthodox
hagiology than in Poland can be observed abroad. The researches in this area deal mainly by a few Russians, Greeks and
Serbs. Some hope for the development of Orthodox hagiology can be associated with organized more frequently, mainly
in Russia, in the beginning of this century, scientific conference on this subject. Favorable, although slow, changes can be
seen also in the curricula of some universities of theology, where the subject named “hagiology” appeared recently.




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Charkiewicz, J. (2014). Współczesny stan badań nad prawosławną hagiologią. Elpis, (15), 129–137. Pobrano z