Testament kniazia Lazara1 i S erbowie na początku XXI wieku


  • Vladan Stamenković

Słowa kluczowe:

Serbia, Kosowo, Kosowe Pole, kniaź Lazar, testament, klątwa


After the Battle of Kosovo Field in 1389 Serbia kept the appearance of sovereignty for decades before finally conquered
by the Ottoman Empire in 1459, while after the (NATO) bombing in 1999 apparent sovereignty of Serbia over Kosovo
and Metohia lasted less than nine years, until February of 2008. At that time Albanian separatists, with compliance
of the USA and EU, declared independence and formed so called Republic of Kosovo.
At the beginning of 21st century Serbian people, as well as many other, found itself in the boiling pot. And that was
not the well-known “Balkan boiling pot” whose explosive national-religious mixture triggers a war from time to time.
This boiling pot is much more dangerous. Using the slogans like freedom without limitations, equality without shame and
brotherhood without humanity there is a struggle in it on much higher, spiritual level. The struggle resembling the one
which holy Prince Lazar and his army fought many centuries ago.




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Stamenković, V. (2014). Testament kniazia Lazara1 i S erbowie na początku XXI wieku. Elpis, (15), 159–163. Pobrano z https://elpis.uwb.edu.pl/index.php/Elpis/article/view/114