Europa i chrześcijaństwo: historia i przyszłość

  • Marios Begzos University of Athens
Słowa kluczowe: Chrześcijaństwo, Europa, tożsamość, dziedzictwo


Is Europe Christian or not? This was the question that dominated some time ago the intense discussion duringthe working-out of the European Constitution. Two were the contrasting standpoints, one affirmative and one negative, which in turn set off a lot of contending. The final outcome was a suppression of the whole issue as far asthe constitutional document is concerned, and an indirect reference to the humanistic legacy of Europe; a reference incorporated within the preamble of the ultimate constitutional chart of the European Union – which, of course, isstill in the voting process.
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Begzos, M. (2014). Europa i chrześcijaństwo: historia i przyszłość. Elpis, (15), 9-11. Pobrano z