Antropologia w pismach współczesnych teologów prawosławnych


  • Krzysztof Leśniewski

Słowa kluczowe:

antropologia prawosławna, osoba ludzka, relacje, dialog, Włodzimierz Łosski, Panayiotis Nellas, Nikos Nissiotis, Christos Yannaras, Metropolita Joannis Zizioulas


The article presents anthropological views of some very influential Orthodox theologians. The author starts his attempt from sketching a direct historical context of a rapid development of anthropology since19th century. He indicates that since the middle of 20th century one cannotice an increasing interest concerning on the understanding of human person, human freedom and human rights in social structures. Then he summarizes main points of the mystical anthropology of Vladimir Lossky. This very influential theologian, who concentrated mostly oncategory of person in apophatic and Trinitarian perspective on the basisof the patristic wisdom, has influenced many contemporary religious thinkers.

Grounds of the anthropological reflection of Orthodox theologians were described in the second part of the article. Contemporary theologians have been trying to find answers for such questions as: “Who is a human being?”; “How to understand his or her freedom, rights, morality, life and existence?”; “What does compose the essence of his or her relationswith other human beings in the community of the Church and society”– taking into account the Divine Scripture, the teaching of the Churchand modern philosophical reflections.

The third part of the article shows four examples of Greek theologians who significantly have contributed to the contemporary discussion on the mystery of human person. Each of them characterizes of a specific attempt towards looking for anthropological solutions from Christian point of view. The author labeled the main interest of each of them by a specific title: Panayiotis Nellas – a Christocentric exponent of patristic anthropology, Nikos Nissiotis – a courageous searcher of bases of dialogical anthropology, Christos Yannaras – a brilliant architect of relational ontology of person, Metropolitan John Zizioulas – a persistent builder of personalistic ecclesiological anthropology.




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Leśniewski, K. (2014). Antropologia w pismach współczesnych teologów prawosławnych. Elpis, (12), 71–95. Pobrano z